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Cryptocurrency Protection

The PolicyDock team has been working with experts across cybersecurity, digital forensics, legal experts, AI & ML, analytics and insurance to develop insurance products for the cryptocurrency value chain to help make Web3 safer!

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Instill Safety

Give clients peace of mind their crypto is being protected, monitored and reported to regulators.

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White-label Solutions

Generate additional revenue through our B2B2C platform while keeping your users safe.

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Crypto Analytics

Wallet monitoring, screening and powerful reports leveraging AI to provide transparency.

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Wallet Screening

Know who you are transacting with, and ensure you're not receiving or transferring crypto to sanctioned entities.

Transaction Monitoring

Be notified whenever your wallet is transacting - act quickly on any unauthorized transactions.

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Investigations & Recovery

Take control and respond immediately to hacks, scams or ransomware, providing a network of global law enforcement & intelligence.

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