Flexible rule and rating engine

Prioritize submissions, leverage excel, third parties or build your own rater

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Frame 1077-1

We've built an underwriting engine with the past in mind, while being ready for the future!

Hyperconnected underwriting engine

Fully cloud and micro-services based means you can manage rules from anywhere and adapt seamlessly.

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Manage submissions via drag & drop

Creating submission rules is easy as as drag and dropping, ensuring your underwriters prioritize applications efficiently.

Convert Excel rating tables to API

Maintain your excel rating and future proof it by converting it to API for your external partners. Update is as simple as uploading a new excel file.

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Program your own logic

Write your own code rules for rating or submissions, leverage third party APIs or data services and more accurately price your policies

Versioning, Segmentation and Dynamic Updates all Built-in

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Easy updates

Update rules on the fly while our platform takes care of versioning for easy rollbacks.


Multi-Entity Capabilities

Run multiple versions of products for different customer segments on different rating rules.


Adaptive Documentation

Customize different policy documentation for different product variations.