Carriers & Underwriters

Your Bridge to the Digital Insurance Future

Don’t let your siloed data and legacy systems hold you back. We’ll create a fully modern version of your business within a week—but keep your current workflows and systems active so you can transition at your own pace.


Modernize Your Business

Convert even your most complex legacy products across multiple business units into modern, modular digital insurance products.


Keep Your Existing Systems

Replicates your insurance business in the modern cloud—but lets you keep using your existing systems as long as you like.


Drive Business Results

We create a standardized data ecosystem for your business, enabling advanced analytics and powerful management insight.

We Make Insurance Innovation Easy

Forward Facing Backward Compatible

Don’t let legacy systems and workflows slow your modernization. PolicyDock enables the future without requiring change to your current business.


Fully Modern and Constantly Upgraded

PolicyDock is a cloud-driven, API-first platform that uses a fully modular architecture to let you control which services remain under legacy control and which are handled by the PolicyDock cloud or other best-of-breed cloud provider.

Control Your Business While you Innovate

Launch and digitize products within days, unlock valuable business insights and improve your business using real-time analytics and powerful visualizations.


And so much more


Insurance-as-a-Service Solutions

Offer cutting-edge Insurance-in-a-Box services to brokers, agents, resellers, and MGAs.


Powerful Reporting

Build your own dashboard, leverage real-time analytics and automate business decisioning.


Third-Party Service Access

Leverage third party data sources to automate proposals, underwriting, and claims.


Dynamic Product Versioning

Update products on the fly, maintain all product versioning and roll back when you need to.


Seamless Business Integrations

Integrate with modern business systems like Salesforce, Workday, and other modern SaaS services.


Get Moving Fast

Our automated migration tool replicates your business in the cloud in a matter of days.

Case Study

Global Carrier Accelerates Digital Transformation


A renowned carrier wants to simplify its product portfolio and roll out digital insurance products globally. Internal estimates expect it to take at least 18 months per product line in each region. Key hurdles include 25 years’ worth of disparate legacy insurance products and different Policy Administration and Servicing (PAS) systems in each region.



In only 2 weeks, PolicyDock simplified thousands of legacy products into a modular schema and enabled a rollout of complementary digital products. Policydock’s flexible data platform provides an ongoing interface between digital systems and core legacy PAS.


2 Weeks. 45x Faster. 80% under Budget.


Products were deployed in under 2 weeks, 45x faster than expected


Project came in 80% under budget


Product harmonization and simplification eliminated product redundancy


Data standardization allowed real-time management oversight of global rollout results


Engineers were able to integrate third-party services using the simple, modular API product structure

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