Our technology

Powerful. Flexible. Easy to implement.

PolicyDock makes modern insurance easy. No matter whether your company is writing or selling policies, or whether the technology you currently use is cutting-edge or outdated, we have created a series of interlocking technologies to integrate powerful, easy-to-use insurance solutions with your current business.


Here’s What Makes PolicyDock the Insurance Industry’s Leading Solution


Insurance-as-a-Service Platform

The full policy administration platform can be implemented using our white label portal. Quote, bind, cancel, amend, rate, handle FNOL claims, and automate back office services.

Serverless, Cloud-Based Design with Agile Development Updates

PolicyDock is entirely built in the cloud on a modern, API-based platform that is continually updated and expanded. No data centers to manage. Your PolicyDock instance is always on, available, and up-to-date.


Data Standardization

Siloed data, unstructured data, conflicting data—we’ve seen it all. Our system can automatically digitize 95% of all insurance products on the market. For many of our clients, the reports and analysis our system provides is the first time they have had a clear, holistic view of their entire business.

Integrate via Well-Documented APIs

PolicyDock connects seamlessly with any technologies you already use, giving you the freedom and power to incorporate modern insurance services without disrupting current workflows. Upgrade at your own pace.


Modern Customer Experience

Insurance-as-a-Service sales and service solutions can be implemented using our omni-device white label portal with full APIs to allow you to customize your own customer journeys. Document management and back office services are automated and integrated.

Low-Code, No-Code Product Configurator

Update products on the fly, adapt to pricing and coverages to the market, and with dynamic versioning, all your changes are saved and can be easily rolled back.


Real-Time Analytics

Standardized data is good. Extracting real-time, actionable insights from your standardized data is great. PolicyDock gives you access to industry-leading, customizable dashboards that help you understand how your business is performing.

Client's Data Protection is our Top Priority

We’ve implemented the necessary policies and controls to achieve SOC 2 compliance, the gold standard of data protection.



Get Started Fast.

We spent a lot of time automating the onboarding procedure to get you live within DAYS and can build any insurance product from the ground up whether it’s P&C or L&H.


Data governance and security.

PolicyDock can be deployed on private servers or in the cloud. Security options include data encryption both in transit and at rest, automated threat response, and flexible, account-level permissions.


Modular architecture.

The PolicyDock uses containerized architecture to let you use only the parts you need, and add and remove services as necessary.

We deliver the MOST Value with least change required

Make your insurance easy

Whether you are an existing carrier, a broker, or looking to sell insurance products as an add-on offering, we make integration with your current business fast and seamless.

Ready to take your insurance business to the next level ?