No-code Insurance Platform (coming soon)

Design and launch the Digital Core for any Product

Build and launch your own API first microservice for any product, any time, anywhere in the world.

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Frame 1077-3

A full stack insurtech builder for any insurance product!

A no-code configurator that builds the full white-label API microservice

Not just customizing application forms, build any insurance product from base data model level, giving you powerful control and flexibility.

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Launch API first, data driven insurtechs

Microservices platform with a full web interface and APIs for the whole policy admin. lifecycle. Fully extensible and backward compatible with legacy.

Life or non-life: any insurance product

From simple products, to complex multi-risk multi-item products: design, create and launch any insurance product only limited by your imagination.

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empower partners

Empower the Value Chain

Do your insurtech or distribution partners need a digital platform to seamlessly integrate with you - help them accelerate their time to market.

Fully modular platform

Enable different modules for different products with full connectivity for any tech platform in any market.

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